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The Odyssey is the ideal laser system for endourologists. The laser's 2100 nm infrared output can disintegrate stones and ablate tissue with minimal lateral tissue damage. An endourologist can choose from a wide range of fiber sizes to operate throughout the urinary tract. Larger core fibers can be used with rigid endoscopes to reach the ureter and the bladder. Smaller core fibers can be used with flexible ureteroscopes to reach the lower pole of the kidney.

Features & Benefits
The Odyssey comes in a compact package and offers many features unique to the holmium laser market.
  • Variable pulse width technology gives the surgeon unparalleled flexibility to switch from disintegration of stones to ablation and coagulation of soft tissue with just one push of a button
  • Easy to use touch screen interface with very smart electronics
  • Green aiming beam provides optimum color contrast on tissue
  • Complete line of fiber-optic delivery systems and accessories
  • Low cost 200 micron fiber delivery system for accessing the lower pole of the kidney

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